What is Mangosteen Juice?

Mangosteen juice in its purest form is the liquid extracted from a whole mangosteen fruit that includes the pericarp rind, crown and stem.
Other mangosteen juice may not even be mangosteen, or may contain very little of the mangosteen fruit. Many vendors that market mangosteen juice actually do not use pure mangosteen juice derived from the whole fruit itself but use instead blends that they call proprietary in nature. Typically it is the just the pericarp itself of the mangosteen fruit in powdered form or another and then mixed with other fruits that have some anti-oxidant qualities such as with berries, Granada (pomegranate), grapes, apples, kiwi, and others. The reason these mangosteen juice are blends is because they are cheaper to produce than pure mangosteen juice extracted from mangosteen whole fruits.

Garcinia Mangostana which is the scientific name for mangosteen has the highest amount of Xanthones found naturally. Xanthones are the anti-oxidants that rid the body of damaging free radicals that lead to destruction of the human body. Since mangosteen has the lion’s share of these anti-oxidants, then it is best to drink only pure mangosteen juice. Of course there are factors that need to be considered with drinking pure mangosteen juice when it pertains to availability, affordability, taste and how it is manufactured. We at Mangosteen Queen only sell mangosteen juice that is pure and from whole Garcinia Mangostana fruits. Our Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice is then flash pasteurized for safety and bottled in containers that resist breaking, entry of light, as well as resistant to tampering.

Incidentally, Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice is also certified as organic. Mangosteen Queen is premium mangosteen juice made and bottled in the USA.


Mangosteen juice should be made from premium USDA Organic Certified Garcinia Mangostana whole fruits.


                                                                                    Mangosteen Juice a Holistic Way to Heal

Mangosteen has been blessed with the power to accelerate healing, prevent dis-orders such as allergies and other malaise. Mangosteen is anti-toxin and anti-inflammation. Studies have shown that it has the ability to explode the nucleus of cancer cells yet there is very little known about the mangosteen.

Even in countries where mangosteen is grown, people are not aware of its healing properties. In countries where mangosteen trees grow, the fruit that it bears is marketed only for its sweet tasting pulp and nothing else. Few know that the discarded shell of the mangosteen fruit after the pulp is eaten is where the bulk of its healing properties came from. Mangosteen after all is known only as the “Queen of Fruits” or “Food of the God” because of its delicious taste.

Drinking mangosteen juice helps regain lost energy. Shortly after drinking mangosteen juice, aches and pains are reduced or disappear. People with cancer when they drink pure mangosteen juice, it minimizes their suffering and are able to eat better. Other people report that drinking mangosteen juice allows them to sleep better and have gotten comments that they look better or younger. I personally drink mangosteen juice so that I do not catch the Flu and suffer from the fall allergy season. Before I started drinking pure mangosteen juice I used to catch the Flu many times during the winter of the mostly the severe type, weakened for days, only to catch another flu three weeks later. But after drinking mangosteen juice I lost susceptibility to the Flu and if I do catch the flu once in a while, it only feels like a very mild cold; not enough for me to stay home from work. Before drinking mangosteen juice I also used to get allergies starting from about the middle of August to well into early November year after year like clockwork. Before I learned about the power of mangosteen juice my eyes would get puffy and reddish from itching, the roof of my mouth very itchy, my nostrils felt like things were inside and poking at it, and I had a sinus condition that made my head feel swollen. Before learning to drink mangosteen juice I also sneezed so much that my stomach muscles were so sore from the contractions caused by this excessive sneezing. Soon after, I discovered that whenever I drank mangosteen juice prior to the allergy season that my allergies tremendously subsided to the point where I actually now enjoy sneezing once in a while.

What I believe pure mangosteen juice does is it heals or cures naturally by helping our own immune system get rid of any malaise caused by the many years of toxins and other poisons that accumulate in every one of us. That is why it is essential that we stay away from foods that have been modified through processing and of those that have been genetically modified and contaminated.
Although pure mangosteen juice is anti-toxin and anti-inflammatory which accelerates the body’s healing process, there is no substitute to eating foods that are genetically pure and un-contaminated. We as humans as my friend Mark has once said, have the ability to eat virtually anything provided on this planet unlike other species that can only eat certain foods. So let’s eat properly, sleep well, and also drink pure mangosteen juice for proper maintenance of the body and mind.

                                                                                           The Power of Mangosteen Juice

The makeup of the mangosteen healing properties that the mangosteen juice possesses from what we currently know of comes from Bioflavonoids, Phytonutrients, Enzymes, and Xanthones. The stems, leaves, root and bark of the mangosteen tree are where these organics compounds can be found. When the mangosteen tree bears fruit, larger concentration of these organic compounds can also be found on the rind of the fruit which is bitter in taste by itself. But the bitter tasting rind (peri-carp and crown) when mixed with the sweet tasting pulp, a palatable mixture bordering on delicious can be achieved.

This is what Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice consists of, whole fruits of Mangosteen trees. Mangosteen juice can also be utilized to treat sick dogs, cats, and other animals that Veterinarians might even consider as hopeless. If an animal can still eat, then mangosteen juice can be mixed with its food and the effect could sometimes be very positive. From experience I have seen Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice help people’s pets including mine.
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Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice is made from whole Garcinia Mangostana fruits including the stems for maximum benefit. Mangosteen did wonders for model Kate Moss. Just take a look at her glowing complexion. Pure mangosteen juice is capable of doing a lot of wonderful things including anti-aging. Mangosteen contains the lion's share of "Super Anti-Oxidants" called Xanthones. Try our delicious Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice on ice!
                                                                                        Mangosteen Juice and Antioxidants

Molecules that are no longer stable and cause damage to our cells are known as Free Radicals. These free radicals circulate throughout the body making us look and feel older as well as feeling lethargic with less energy. Anti-oxidants on the other hand play the role of controlling these damaging free radicals.

Xanthones are the type of anti-oxidants that promote a healthy well-being. The mangosteen possesses these anti-oxidants called Xanthones. The mangosteen contains the highest amount of naturally occurring xanthones known to man. Examples of anti-oxidants also include beta-carotene, lycopene, vitamins C, E, and A. Xanthones are some of the most potent anti-oxidants known - thought to be more potent than both vitamin C and E, and many doctors refer to xanthones as “Super Antioxidants”. These xanthones that are in pure mangosteen juice help strengthen our immune system by neutralizing these free radicals that start chain reactions which damages the cells. Typically found only in Biologically active plant phenols in few select tropical plants, the xanthones in pure mangosteen juice along with Phytonutrients, Enzymes and Bioflavonoids helps us strengthen our immune system. Why drink a mangosteen juice blend when you can have pure mangosteen juice instead? The mangosteen juice that we sell from Mangosteen Queen is made from whole mangosteen fruits, stem, rind and pericarp to give you the most potent and delicious tasting product that is USDA organic certified. Pasteurized and bottled in the USA, Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice is simply the best!

                                                                                      Mangosteen Juice and Phytonutrients

Thought to promote human health phytonutrients are certain organic components of plants that are derived from the sun. Fruits, grains, legumes, vegetables as well as tea are sources rich in phytonutrients. Our sun is an important source of life to our planet and without it all source of life would simply die. Vitamins and minerals, protein and fat come from the sun one way or another and the mangosteen tree grows at a place where the sun is intense. Pure mangosteen juices contain these phytonutrients.

                                                                                Mangosteen Juice, Bioflavonoids and Enzymes

Bioflavonoids are a group of naturally occurring compounds which primarily act as anti-oxidants and pigments. They have powerful anti-oxidant properties which work with other anti-oxidants to offer a system of protection. Bioflavonoids also help the body maintain health and function aside from its important anti-oxidant effects. Present in all botanical supplemental products and foods, many medicinal herbs owe their curative actions to the bioflavonoids they contain. Bioflavonoids have been shown to be anti-carcinogenic, anti-aging, and promote structure and function in the circulatory system. There must be a reason why famous model Kate Moss uses mangosteen, and it is probably because of the bioflavonoids in it since it is also anti-aging. There are probably a tremendous amount of other benefits from using Mangosteen, and anti-aging is simply just one of them. Incidentally, Xanthones in Mangosteen are also found to induce cell-cycle arrest and apoptosis in human colon cancer DLD-1 cells and SKBR3 human breast cancer.

Essential in maintaining life, Enzymes are the biological catalysts responsible for supporting all of the chemical reactions that maintain animal homeostasis. Enzymes role in maintaining life processes, the assay and pharmacological regulation of enzymes have become key elements in clinical diagnosis and therapeutics. Enzymes are found in all tissues and fluids of the body. Almost every significant life process is dependent on enzyme activity.

Many tropical plants have interesting biological activities with potential therapeutic applications, and mangosteen is one of these tropical plants. It seems that with the advent of the Internet people are now finding out more about the mangosteen, which is good.

Mangosteen is truly an amazing fruit that nature provides to us in terms of medical history that dates back for centuries, and we are just beginning to find out about it.

Good Health after all, leads to a happy and productive life. Thank you for your purchase.
Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice tastes great! Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice helps our body heal quickly. Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice is extra ordinary in that it easy to drink and that it reduces the chances of catching the flu. Drinking Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice also helps reduce the effects of allergies. Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice can also help dogs that are not feeling well. Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice helps cats that are not feeling well. Treat your pet to Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice. Treat yourself to Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice. Chill your Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice for that refreshing drink. Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice is absolutely the best! Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice is affordable. Why settle for anything less, drink Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice! Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice is simply superb. Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice has helped me with my allergies. Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice has prevented me from catching the flu this winter, and I used to catch the flu a lot before drinking Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice. Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice when mixed with canned cat food can be given to cats that are sick. Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice when mixed with canned dog food is good for dogs that are sick. Animals that were very sick recovered after drinking Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice. I highly recommend Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice because I regularly drink it myself. Mangosteen has the highest source of Xanthones that nature has provided. Xanthones in Mangosteen are referred to as “Super Anti-Oxidants”. Free radicals that circulate in our body is neutralized by the Xanthones contained in mangosteen juice. These free radicals that do damage to our cells and be countered by drinking Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice that contain these Xanthones. Of course you should only eat foods that are healthy for you aside from drinking mangosteen juice. So eat well, sleep well, exercise, and drink Mangosteen Queen pure mangosteen juice to stay healthy. Order yours now at: http://shop.mangosteenstore.net/.
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